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About is:

• An online mediastore with 3D products especially made for users of the Artlantis rendersoftware.
• A marketplace for Artlantisusers to make money by selling their objects.
• A place to find other usefull items to be used with Artlantis.
• A production tool to help Artlantis users more rapidly find, preview and acquire everything they need to use Artlantis effectively.

The mission:
Our goal is to create a digital marketplace designed to offer large selections of affordable artlantisobjects and other Artlantismedia to be used with Artlantis while providing maximum returns to intellectual property owners. We strive to provide unmatched value and support to our partners, content creators and customers.

Buying artlantisobjects is simple!
Use the website to browse artlantismedia on this website. The shop menu is at the left side of the page.
Use the Search area to enter keywords find what you are looking for. responds with a listing of the products matching your criteria.
Select the files that interest you and will show you detailed file information and a preview image.
Select the items you need. You can immediately download free files. Priced products are moved to a shopping cart awaiting payment. Physical products (like boxed software and CD-ROMs) will ship the next business day.
Enter Paypal info to purchase your cart and begin using your new products.
After payment you will be able to dowbnload your new artlantismedia. Read this page to know how you can download your new artlantismedia


  • Sometimes a download goes wrong.
  • No problem
  • Send us an email or use the Contact us
  • Mention your order number
  • We will send you a new email with a manually created downloadlink within 2 working days


Selling your own objects is easy!

• Send in your objects. will publish your work in the objects library without any charge.
• We promote your work to a worldwide audience of Artlantis users.
• We process, track and report sales for you.
• Make money on work you've already created and use sales results to increase future profit.

Here's how:

A new submitting procedure will be launched soon. Keep an eye on

How do you make money?

We host your objects and other Artlantismedia and market them, process transactions, and pay you royalties. Uploading and listing your work on is free. We get nothing until your work sells. We work on a no cure no pay basis. After the sale, we split the revenue with you on a 50/50 basis. The 50 % we keep is needed to host and maintain the webshop.
Your hosting agreement with is non-exclusive.
We protect your copyrights -------> without your intellectual property, we don't profit.
Off course you can only sell objects of your own. We do not accept copyright violation. Read our Copyright policy
You receive royalty payments for sold objects upon your request..

The Office has its roots in the Netherlands. If you meet any problems in submitting or buying artlantisobjects or other artlantismedia you can contact us by  e-mail or by filling out the Contact us. Questions  that are asked during office hours, Monday-Friday, 8.00-17.00 CET, will be answered the same day, if  possible. Questions that are asked in evenings or weekends will also be answered as quick as possible but can have a delay. The same goes for delivering purchased artlantisobjects. If artlantisobjects are purcased besides office hours the delivery can meet some delay because of the same reason.

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Users Quote

You did a great job with Artlantismedia .com, the new look is outstanding, it`s like a major department store for everything Artlantis! It`s good also that everyone has free access to your collection of tutorials and I thank you for the opportunity to contribute. If I find a solution to an issue that`s worth mentioning and could help others, I`ll most certainly do another step by step tutorial.


Paul Beston


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With a membership you get 10, 12 or 15 free Artlantis product downloads per day





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